An underground cave collapses inward. Over time, it fills with water, and creates a new place for life to form. This is a cenote. A dark cave transformed into a beautiful vessel of sacred water, like a mystery revealed.

The Cenote is self-care with compassion and intention.

In this gentle container, we learn to look at ourselves without judgement, and we honor what lies beneath the surface.

How do our subconscious thoughts and our history shape the narratives we tell ourselves? Is it possible that our old narratives are impeding our healing?

It can be hard to deal with what comes up, and sometimes it manifests in stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, anger, and physical discomfort. Thankfully, Reiki is a wonderful way to hold space while providing relief to our physical bodies.


Our Gifts as Our Tools

Reiki to stimulate healing, remove blockages, and restore balance while reducing stress.

Tarot sessions for guidance and to communicate with your intuition.

Our Work Together Includes

  • One 2-Hour Reiki Intake Sessions (Virtual or In Person)
  • Two 1-Hour Follow Up Reiki Sessions (Virtual or In Person)
  • 3 1-Hour Tarot & Guidance Sessions (Virtual)
  • 2 Custom Herbal Tea Blends
  • Three 7 Day Reiki Intention Candles
  • 1 Energetic Check In Session to Donate to A Loved One

$444 Investment*

*for services valued at $650

“Am I Ready for the Cenote?”

Hey! I’m Crystal.

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