We are all in need of someone who can hold space for us, listen intently, and guide us towards intentional self-care. Allow me to hold the mirror up so that you can look intently at your true self without judgement. 



Reiki is a non-invasive Japanese stress management technique used to promote relaxation. The goal of reiki is to stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities by clearing congestion from the main energy centers of the body, known as your chakras. Reiki is also known as Prana -Sanskrit for Breath or Qi  (known as the life force in Chinese medicine and philosophy). Reiki is the beautiful life force that flows through us all. We channel this energy through our hands into the recipient. It can be performed in person, as well as via a distance session with the same healing benefits.

This holistic means of healing is meant to relieve physical discomfort, promote calmness and relaxation, and improve sleep just to start. On an emotional level, reiki also has a profound effect on our well being by improving concentration and clarity, relieving anxiety, tension, and accelerating the healing of emotional wounds. For this reason, reiki is a very popular method of healing many conditions. There is so much more that reiki can do, but in short, it allows the recipient to relax and welcome healing for their highest good.



While Reiki may unearth the emotional and spiritual energies manifesting in our body, Tarot provides us with a way of connecting to our intuition and subconscious. It can give us deeper insight into our overall state of mind and provide guidance in our healing. Tarot is also an amazing tool when we are seeking guidance of a specific nature. For this reason, Tarot works SO well with Reiki and other healing modalities- it provides a multi-faceted view of our self.



Reiki is also an incredible tool in building the foundation of a healing practice that supports you in your everyday life, as well as in times of transformation and growth.


  • The Chakra System and the Energetic Body
  • How to ground your energy, and clear yourself and your personal space
  • The origins of Reiki
  • Incorporating the living principles of Reiki (The Gokkai)
  • Level One Reiki Attunement
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