I came to Reiki in 2017 at the advice of a friend. I was a new mother balancing a full time job, and needless to say, it was all overwhelming. I also had terrible sciatica, and frequent bouts of insomnia. I never anticipated that Reiki would relieve the physical discomfort I had been living with after giving birth, but that it would also awaken parts of me I thought were gone forever. My first few sessions helped me connect the dots between my physical, emotional, and mental well being. Reiki helped me learn so much about myself that I wanted to assist others see the benefits of approaching our well being holistically. 

I began practicing in 2018, but desired to deepen my understanding of the modality. In June of 2021, I completed a 100 Hour Comprehensive Reiki Mentorship Program, with Jessica Sharp of Gentle Hands Reiki, and I am honored to now be a Licensed Reiki Master Therapist, thanks to her phenomenal mentorship. 

As Spirit continues to guide me in this work, I can be found spending plenty of time loving on my family, laughing wildly with friends, trying to make my way back to the sand and sea, and searching high and low for the best tacos in all the land. 

Cancer Sun

Leo Moon & Rising

My Cancer sun, in the mysterious 12th house makes me a conduit for the collective conscious, hidden life and secrets, and all things that lie beneath the surface. A deep understanding of duality-shadow and light- draws me to work with people who need mental, emotional, and spiritual support, among other things.  I want to know what makes people tick, and what does our shadow self present on the surface? I find it to be an honor to gently hold space for others as they discover these new parts of themselves! 

Because the Planets and Stars thought it would be a good idea, it is my life’s work to use these sensitivities to be a liaison between the subconscious and conscious and help people heal through story telling. My North Node in Gemini means that speaking, writing, and other ways of communicating are not always easy for me, but it is essential to my own healing. I need to speak my truth and even rebel a little!  But there is so much power in storytelling and the self-narrative, and I love guiding others to speak what is on their heart and mind in meaningful ways.

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