I’m Crystal, and I am so glad you are here.


I hype women up while they are healing, because that shit is hard.


I came to Reiki in 2017 at the advice of a friend. I was a new mother balancing a full time job, and needless to say, it was all overwhelming. I also had terrible sciatica, and frequent bouts of insomnia. I never anticipated that Reiki would relieve the physical discomfort I had been living with after giving birth, but that it would also awaken parts of me I thought were gone forever. My first few sessions helped me connect the dots between my physical, emotional, and mental well being.  In June of 2021, I completed a 100 Hour Comprehensive Reiki Mentorship Program, with Jessica Sharp of Gentle Hands Reiki. This was 100 hours I diving in to the connections between mind, body, and spirit, and closely examining their effects on our well being.  

Reiki led me to other practices like tarot, breathwork, journaling, and coaching. These tools have helped me embrace a life that is more in balance, and aligned with what I have envisioned for myself.  I think its pretty amazing that I get to help other women work through their old narratives using these same tools! 

As the Universe  continues to guide me in this work, I can be found spending plenty of time loving my family, laughing wildly with friends, trying to make my way back to the sand and sea, and searching high and low for the best tacos in all the land.  



Once upon a time I was a people pleasing princess who based her value on how much and how well I did things for others. I had no idea how to affirm myself and relied on the approval of other people. When I didn’t get it, I felt like a massive failure who was just a projection of what other people thought- too loud, too big, too emotional, too flighty, too smart-assed.

But there is nothing like a huge life change to rock your fucking world and force you to look at who you really are outside the gaze of others. Motherhood and the immediate postpartum depression I experienced changed everything. I was humbled by the experience, but also started to see how nurturing and loving I am, how much I loved to care for others. I also saw  how little I cared for myself.

It would be 3 years after the birth of my youngest child that I would come to realize that overgiving is NOT the flex you think it is. It was, in fact, a detriment to my well being. I was battling depressive episode after depressive episode, and I was so severely anemic that my doctor said she couldn’t believe I was standing up right. I had 8 iron infusions in one year, and a hysterectomy just before my 39th birthday. I felt for a moment like I was being punished and that I failed myself more than anyone else. 


But in the words of Joanne the Scammer, “That’s Over, It’s Canceled!”


I let the universe bench me and force me to rest. I journaled. I cried to my therapist. I pulled my tarot cards, and wrote down my dreams. I received healing from my loving mentor, as well as my divinely guided acupuncturist.  I went to bed earlier and slept a little later. I stopped drinking alcohol almost entirely (although cannabis and I are pretty close loll). I realized my diet was doing me no favors, and that my body yearned for fluid movement.  I began to say no WAY more often and pulled out of anything that didn’t feel right. I told my family to please forgive me for my absence- I was going through some shit and I just needed time. I began to ask for the support I gave of others, but not from a place of “YOU OWE ME.” Instead, it was from a place of “I really could use your support.” Some people made me feel guilty for that, but my Ride or Die loved ones rose to the occasion and answered my call. I realized that I would rather do the hard work of setting new boundaries than live without any. I learned to advocate for myself in ways I never have. 

The Me I am getting to know now is so much more excited about the direction of her life. I haven’t said that in ages! I can’t believe I get to rediscover all the things that bring me joy, and embrace my worth outside of productivity.  I prioritize my well being knowing that my family and everyone I am in community with will get a better version of me BECAUSE of it. 


“I was having terrible heart palpitations and it gave me such anxiety. My daughter recommended that I see Crystal for a Reiki session. It was my first time experiencing Reiki, and Crystal put me at ease immediately. I felt calmer and more collected. Crystal is wonderful and a wonderful person that I am now happy to call my friend. The Reiki session bought me a little peace where I could then make the right decisions for my health.”

Maria D.

“I participated in a 30-minute remote Tarot session with Crystal, at a time when I needed some guidance and validation during these crazy Covid-days. The first thing I learned about Crystal is that she was dedicated to fully understanding my question and my concerns. She “spoke that knowledge” to the cards in a way that allowed them to express my roadblocks – be they created by me or fate. I asked a tough question, and in the end got the validation I needed to take further steps into developing further communications with myself. It was super helpful, and I would book another session. Crystal is a lovely person inside and out!”

Luciana M.

“Crystal is a lovely and an incredibly gifted healer. She has performed 2 distance reiki sessions for me specific to professional stress and romantic frustrations. Before each session, she asked very general questions to obtain a better understanding of how I was feeling. Her approach is wonderful in that she encouraged me to continue with my routine while she tapped into my energy. At the conclusion of each session, she provided a very detailed description of what she felt and saw.Since that time, she has also performed reiki for my mom, who was having some difficulty adjusting to retirement. I highly recommend Crystal’s services! She can also provide insights about herbal remedies, tarot, and astrology.”

Jessica S.


It is really important to me that if this is your first time or your 100th receiving energy work, a reading, or working with a coach, that you feel comfortable. Looking at the deepest parts of ourselves isn’t always easy, but it is necessary if we want to see the growth and start moving through life in a more empowered manner. Reiki is gentle by nature and always works for your highest good, while tarot is such an amazing way to read the energy of situations and emotions we are subconsciously familiar with. YOU are the real magic throughout the process of healing, and I am simply a guide.

There will be laughter, purposeful self examination, and collaboration as we create what your pathway forward looks like. My role in the process is simply to act as a conduit and hold space for your being. There will be no judgment, gaslighting, spiritual by-passing, or pushing- we will flow where you need to go! I want you to leave our time together feeling physically relaxed, grounded, and with the clarity you came for.  My desire is for you to see yourself as a being worthy of grace, self- acceptance, and love, who is striving for ease and joy, not perfection!

want to see how we vibe?

I do, too! Let’s chat about the support you need, and what I can do to help. Schedule a call with me. I’d love to hear from you!

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